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                 Ladies & Realtors Self Defense Seminar                      Re-Scheduled and now to be held on May 17th! 

12p through 6:30p

This class is a MUST if you ever find yourself alone showing an open house and you are faced with an individual more interested in you rather than the house!  Are you prepared to defend your life?  Let A Team Tactical Systems give you some very effective tools that can help you do just that!  Dress like you are going to the gym you will be doing some hand to hand combat in addition to listening to various professionals, LEOs,  US Law Shield, Damsel Defense, PDSG, and of course your host A Team Tactical Systems giving you life saving information!

Register for this seminar and receive a FREE 90 minute class at the A Team Tactical Range!  A Team Taekwondo will be giving each participant 4 free Taekwondo lessons for kids through teens!  Personal Defense Systems Group will be donating a FREE 2hr additional training in hand to hand combat at this seminar! Limited spots so reserve yours today! Finally those that complete this seminar and schedule their range time with A Team Tactical Systems will also receive a concealed carry certificate included at no additional cost!  The total value of this course is $300 but you will receive it for on $100!  Share this event with your friends you will be amazed at all the information you will receive! 

$100 Save $200!

Learn gun safety and develop a plan at this couple concealed carry class

 Concealed Carry Certification

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This class satisfies Colorado requirements for you to process your concealed carry permit through your County Sheriff.  Personalized training with 1 up to 4 participants only!  The small class size means much more range time for you!  We can provide the firearms for you to borrow in the class all you need to do is bring ear protection, eye protection, and 9mm ammo.    The class starts at 9am and goes through 3pm it includes an additional FREE BONUS class to further practice your draw feom the holster, we schedule that class at your convenience as well.  Purchase this class and we will email you asap to schedule.

$130  Save  $50

Church Security Evaluations 

 Our team has over 35 years in law enforcement, military background, NRA certified trainers, and top notch competitive pistol shooters.  We can help you improve your security protocols and take your staffs proficiency to a higher level.   Receive a written FREE evaluation of your current protocols and basic recommendations.  Beyond the free evaluation our company will offer three levels of security development for your Church to choose from.  Just complete our one time registration fee and we will call to schedule your free evaluation.  


Group Semi Private Lesson

2.5 hrs on our range groups of no less than 4 participants and no more than 8.  This class encourages the participants to be of similar skill level as the entire group will be working on an agreed upon curriculum based on level of experience.  Each participant needs to bring at least 100 rounds of ammunition.  If the participant is using one of our range guns on loan then the caliber used is 9mm on all our loaner guns.  

$200 Save $160

Learn to conceal carry or open carry and to draw your gun safely

Drawing from the holster 1.5 hrs on range

This class safely teaches the participant to draw and re-holster a firearm safely.  This class has 3 parts to it each a 90 minute class, fee $75 each.  First class we experience various outside and inside the waistband methods of carry and you will practice your draw from open carry condition no garment. The second class will introduce minor movement while drawing as well as drawing from a concealed carry condition, meaning gun covered by a garment.  The third class will introduce minor stress via a timer , drawing from concealed carry condition, magazine chances  and weak hand development  


(CCW II) Drawing from the holster Series

Purchase all 3 classes and receive extra time and save $.  Schedule your three 2 hr classes at your convenience.  1st Class Drawing your gun quickly but in a safe manner.  Various drills all focusing on a safe draw no garment covering.  Class 2 covers drawing from concealment and various holster positions.  Class 3 covers drawing from concealment under stress of a timer which records your shot times. In this class we will also cover magazine changes, tactical reloads, weak hand draw and reload.

$195 Save $75

Practice accuracy while moving and shooting

Shooting on the move 1.5 hrs on the range

Let us give you some insightful tips and a ton of practice so that you can improve shooting on the move!  This series includes three fast paced classes all on the range that will leave you wanting for more! Upon registration for this class you will receive an email with further instructions, like scheduling at your convenience, materials required, and attire recommended for the class.


Concealed Carry and shooting while moving

CCW III  Shooting on the move series

  Purchase all 3 classes receive extra time and save!  Schedule your three 2 hr classes at your convenience.  1st class covers drawing from the holster shooting while moving one or to steps in various directions.  2nd class has more movement patterns but now shooting multiple targets while in motion.  The third class you will be under the stress provided by use of the timer as well as physical stress induced by the instructor prior to the drill given,  safely implemented stress factors such as 30 jumping jacks prior to the drill!

$195 save $75

ATTS 10 Lesson Package

This is the BEST deal we can offer.  Our regular price is $90 for 90 minutes but with this class you get 10 classes for only $500!  You will receive your CCW Certificate in addition to covering all of the Drawing from the holster classes,  Shooting on the move classes, and Shooting under Stress classes!  We guarantee your level of proficiency will soar after you complete this series!  Classes are scheduled at your convenience so sign up today!

$500 save $400

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Coloradans are strong 2nd Amendment supporters but those that oppose the right to bear arms are deceptive and sneaky so stay vigilant and protect your rights!

Red Flag gun laws allow temporary confiscation of firearms if a gun owner displays dangerous or threatening behavior. The laws have been adopted in 17 states and the District of Columbia, but in Colorado, there's be

Colorado Gun Rights Group Says It Will Track Those Who Have Firearms Removed Under New Red Flag Law

“It’s coming. It is.”: Colorado Democrats explore gun legislation for 2020

Weld County May Join Others As ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ 



Seniors over 55 years enjoy a self paced class with one on one instruction

NRA Certified Instructor Angel Aranzamendi

Owner of A Team Tactical Sysytems
  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Certified Refuse to be a Victim Instructor
  • NRA Certified Personal Protection Inside the Home
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
  • 35 years Martial Arts Instructor
ATTS Instructor Larry Evans

NRA Certified Instructor Larry Evans

  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
  • NRA Certified Personal Protection in the Home
  • 20 years Martial Arts Instructor


"What an AMAZING class!!!  Covers all and then some.  When the course was over I left feeling very confident about all the Knowledge and information I was given,  Looking forward to all the other classes offered"

 Jason Harvey

"  I feel everyone should take this course. Learning safety tips while gaining confidence while holding a firearm are very important.  Angel is a true Pro and gives great instruction.  My wife and I both took his course receiving our CCW Certificates and it was a very smooth process!

Marcus Valone

" Angel is an AMAZING teacher and coach.  Very knowledgeable and promoting a safe training environment.  He was great not only myself but with my mother whoom also took the class. My Mom whom was very new and green to guns really enjoyed the class becoming very confident!

Sir Salonis

  Angel is a real deal! He is very informative not only on laws for concealed carry but also best gun practices. Accepted all questions, explained things in a way that made sense and easy to understand and the best part is after 4 hours he took us to gun range focuses and giving as much practices, as possible and of course SAFETY. I recommend this class to all gun owners, not just those seeking conceal carry, Critical and valuable information. And if you are seeking your CCW, this is the class to take! Angel teaches a compelling, thoughtful and professional class.  

Wayne Rumambi

Great place to learn about Colorado and National Gun news!

This Firearms store is simply one worth your drive to visit! Staff is attentive, knowledgable, and they have a great selection of merchandise at phenomenal prices.

Personal Defense Systems Group, PDSG.  Visit their page on Facebook and schedule a personal lesson for yourself or your entire office.  These guys teach self defense to professionals in their work settings, Moms and kids, and one on one instruction!

Any gun owner should seriously consider the cost of a legal defense even in a clear self defense scenario...the financial burden can in itself be a devastating blow.  That's where US Law Shield comes in... visit their site compare their program to others and you will see that what they offer is peace of mind at an unbelieveable price!

We believe in protecting the 2nd Amendment and in your right to choose how to defend yourself and those you love.  "ATTS" was founded by Angel Aranzamendi to help every American possible become a responsible gun owner.  When the peace treaty was signed the surrendering generals from Japan were asked, "Why the Japanese did not invade mainland USA after Pearl Harbor?" The Japanese responded that they believed that in America behind every blade of grass was a patriot with a gun.  Japan did not have the numbers.  And that is the beauty of the 2nd Amendment to protect our constitution from foreign enemies but also from our own government should it become rogue to our rights.

Our Motto

Prepare for war to live in peace

Our Mission

To instill and develop the necessary skill set and attitude to carry firearms to defend our loved ones and our country from enemies foreign or domestic.

Our Promise

When you need answers we will endeavor to give them or to find you those who can!  


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